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EyE on I

Future Focused, Value Targeted

What unmet market needs define your future business, which technologies emerge and are critical to solve the key needs of your customers and will secure your competitiveness? These, and more questions are at the core of where EyE on I supports its customers in building future focused, value targeted business.

EyE on I provides both content wise as well as process wise tailored guidance for Insights, Innovation and Investment related assignments. EyE on I focuses on emerging business areas in food, nutrition, agri, cleantech, renewable energy, mobility and urbanization.

EyE on I supports startups, established companies as well as venture investors. EyE on I is working with an evolving partner network creating leverage, expanding competences and sharing experiences.


EyE on I has proven experience in designing insights processes tailored to the ambition level and capabilities of its customers


EyE on I designs and build innovation processes and build and challenges innovation pipelines and roadmaps.


EyE on I creates tailored exploration frameworks and provides support in building and managing a startup investment pipeline and portfolio.