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How it started

The curiosity for new things, the mindset and appetite to explore and discover new areas, the VUCA world, the wonders of science and much more are all key inspirations for me to enjoy life and support others in their endeavors.


How it developed

My curiosity moved me into areas like the food and agriculture transition, the energy transition, mobility, urbanization and many more.

In working together with leading future focused companies and technology experts in various domains, future scenarios, growth opportunities and business development opportunities were created supporting existing and new businesses.


What’s next

With EyE on I the goal is to support start-ups, investors as well as established companies in building sustainable, future proof opportunities.

Future Focused. Value Targeted


About me

I’m Ubald Kragten, the founder and owner of EyE on I. I worked many years for DSM, a company known for reinventing itself, its passion for innovation and its sustainability leadership. Within DSM, I was responsible for identifying and shaping new growth areas.

Next to my curiosity to explore new areas, I’m also a passionate cyclist. On my bike I explore new routes, create rides for me and my friends, short rides, long rides, multi-day rides and more.

Riding a bike has learned me that it’s about being persistent, being flexible and have the endurance to climb high mountains or battle with the elements.

For more information about me, you can also check my LinkedIn