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SUstainable Growth

Innovation is the cornerstone for sustainable growth of every company. Whether it’s evolutionary or revolutionary innovation, every company needs to challenge and reinvents its portfolio. If not, business will eventually go down.

Future focused, value driven is the match making an innovation strategy successful. Balancing short term priorities on sales, cashflow and scarce resources with space to innovate both short as well as long term requires a solid process as well as unique insights to justify the continuous investments needed to achieve sustainable growth.

EyE on I has proven experience in building and shaping a growth focused innovation portfolio.



Innovation starts with the insights in both market opportunities as well as threats. The results are then matched with the competencies of your company to arrive at a clear opportunity map and what it needs to turn these opportunities in tangible innovation projects.

EyE on I knows how to match market pull features with technology push elements to arrive at a balanced portfolio addressing both short term innovation options and long term opportunities


The Process

EyE on I has the experience to design and build an innovation process, can support in building an innovation culture within a company and can build and challenge an innovation pipeline.

EyE on I can also support you in building your innovation roadmap by combining its expertise in generating top quality insights in various markets as well a wide experience in creating impact driven innovation, business and go-to-market plans.