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Insights in market trends, customer needs, developments in society, shifting ecosystems, regional developments, progress in science and technology and many more factors are key to support sustainable business growth and/or create an outstanding pitch deck when raising capital or creating partnerships.

Spotting the relevant signals and translating these into scenarios, projects and actions is key and requires companies to invest in people, processes and systems to secure sustainable growth and enter new markets

EyE on I has experience with a broad toolset to spot new opportunities on the horizon and transfer these into tangible growth plans.



What is your market share, which new products have been launched by your competitors, how is demand developing, what is the best way to compete, which new customers can be targeted, how reliable is your supply chain, what new technologies are in development, is your offering still competitive?

These and many other insights are critical to run your business successfully. Pricing can be too high but also too low, new prospects can be overlooked, competitor moves can be overlooked, underestimated.

EyE on I has extensive experience in methods to define the key insight parameters for your organization as well the expertise to guide organizations towards a truly insights driven organization in which the gut feeling and intuition are backed up by facts creating more comfort in making steps forward.



In hindsight companies can perfectly explain why they succeeded or why they didn’t saw it coming. Sharing successes is always easier than talking about failures whereas in both, valuable learnings can be deduced.

EyE on I can support companies in executing an analysis on their past innovation successes as well as failures to distill a set of key success factors, checks and balances for future innovation activities.


The process

EyE on I has proven experience in designing insights processes tailored to the ambition level and capabilities of its customers. Simple tools can already create a steady, curated inflow of relevant analysis supporting a company in its day to day decisions.

More advanced and dedicated processes can be applied to turn companies into intrinsically futurist companies without becoming dreamers.

EyE on I, with support of its partners, can advise you on how to build and implement a process tailored to your needs.

EyE on I also has the expertise to conduct insight driven studies in various market domains.