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The challenge

Venture funding is fueling todays innovations in health, food, agri, energy, mobility, digital and many more areas.

Where to invest, what is the right area, which ventures will succeed? These are amongst the most difficult questions to answer and require a clear investment strategy backed up by excellent insights and a structured process.

EyE on I helps customers by designing exploration frameworks and applying the frameworks to start identifying the investment opportunities in start-up companies.


The process

Designing exploration frameworks is the first step. Filling the pipeline with interesting startup investment targets is the next step.

EyE on I has the capabilities to guide its clients in a structured manner taking into account multiple factors to not only identify attractiveness but also elements like fit and complementarity to your company, joint development opportunities as well as risk factors.

So, if you’re interested to learn more, get in touch and EyE on I can provide you with case studies as well as more insights in how to design and execute a structured process to invest in new, attractive growth areas.