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EyE on I is working with an evolving partner network creating leverage, expanding competences and sharing experience to serve both small and large companies in various markets. Together with the partners a tailored offer can be made.


“Based on a strong scientific background and various professional experiences in human nutrition and health, Microbiome Solutions qualifies as nutrition and health innovation and solution provider. Specialized in microbiome solutions, and recognized for innovative thinking and creative solutions.”


“ComIntelli has an award-winning market and competitive intelligence platform to convert unstructured data into digestible information and actionable insights about your business environment, so you can make more confident decisions, today and tomorrow”


“Futures-as-a-Service. Tackling uncertainties by analyzing, synthesizing, engineering and applying futures to build better futures faster, together”


“ImpactBuilders builds, re-pivot and transforms scaleups and startups to create impact, build value, societal relevance and more. ImpactBuilders can create new concepts, implement new technologies, and/or transfers the business model to open the door towards new opportunities”

Impact Builders

The Netherlands/USA

“Competitive Intelligence and Patent Analytics for Actionable Innovation Insights”


“Thousands of companies, consultants, and leaders use the Strategy Tools Platform to learn, collaborate and transform their organizations for the future. ”

Strategy Tools

The Netherlands

“StartLife empowers founders to build and grow Food & Agritech startups with lasting impact. StartLife is located at the heart of Food Valley in Wageningen, The Netherlands.”


“The Founder Institute is the world’s most proven network to turn ideas into fundable startups, and startups into global businesses. Since 2009, our structured accelerator programs have helped over 6,000 entrepreneurs raise over $1.75BN in funding.”


“The EIT Food Accelerator Network (EIT FAN) connects impactful agrifood startups with industry-leading corporate and research partners to pilot their technology and drive the ultimate goal: a successful market adoption.”